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Guest Blogging Services, Still Useful To SEO?

Google isn’t telling us that guest blogging is dead, but rather consider it rejuvenated as the standards of a quality guest post are being revised to reflect its original form. But what is exactly considered as a good guest blogging strategy, and how we can spot the spam?

So first, before we get into the meat of this,what is guest posting? You’ll notice that I used guest posting, guest blogging guest blog posting, gets both blogging interchangeably, all it means is that I’m going to someone else’s site , someone else’s blog as a guest author and I’m writing some content for them so I’m not posting on my own blog and I’m posting on someone else site.

Pretty simple concept and you might be wondering, well if it’s so simple, why is it so important? First up, we know that content marketing is really important to get yourself out there, promote yourself your brand and your online course but when you’re just starting out, you don’t have much of an audience.

So you post a blog post on your own website and it gets lost amongst the millions of blog posts out there.

How do you get exposure really quick? Guest posting.

There are other sites out there that have been around for years, right? They have a lot of traffic coming to them, they have people subscribe to those blog posts, people reading it every single day and so if you can find yourself on one of those sites and post a blog post there, then all those people will find out about you.

The first benefit, massive exposure and exposure to a new audience.An audience that you don’t already have.

The second benefit is the brand building aspect of it.The most sites you go and put yourself out on the larger your brand is so you go and you get on unsafe Forbes entrepreneur come and there are hundreds of thousands of people seeing your picture and your bio and even if they don’t come over to your site, they still are now acquainted with your brand and next time they see you, it’s going to trigger their memory again.

Thirdly, the SEO on traffic aspect now some of them will click on your links in your bio and come back your website so you’re getting that constant traffic source from these other blogs, this is like SEO benefit if you get your blog post up on repeatable sites and of course there’s a lot of traffic that comes in from the heavy traffic sites as well Finally and this is actually a very important benefit a lot of people forget about this aspect of guest blogging but you’re building relationships with other blog owners, right? These are people who have been around in the business for a while.

They’ve built up your their own personal brands, they’ve built a following, a lot of influence and now that you’re building a relationship with them they’re willing to help you out in your business as well that’s actually kinda invaluable and when you start building relationships with the influences, there’s a whole world of influence of marketing that opens up to you and partnerships and joint ventures.

In fact, we actually have a blog post on the Thinkific blog about joint venture partnerships and how you can promote your courses on that.

Once you start doing this guest blogging stuff, read that blog post and expand your marketing efforts.

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