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Room Reservations and Event Planning

Alright, so this video we're going to talk to you about pretty much the basics How to plan an event, reserve a room, and to handle tabling

To hold any sort of event, meeting, or gathering, you need to reserve the space There is ONE exception where you don’t need to reserve, and that’s if you’re going to set up a table at the Belltower and only give out information So, if you’re tabling on a Wednesday and you’re just giving out fliers about your next meeting, you don’t need to reserve a space We call this an information table As soon as you’re giving out or selling food, taking in money (either by selling something or from donations), or if you’re doing interactive activities, this is no longer considered an information table and the space has to be reserved

Back when we talked about rosters in HighlanderLink, I showed you how to give positions to someone This is where the title Reserver comes into play You can assign ONE Reserver 1 and ONE Reserver 2 These two individuals will be able to login to the scheduling site and reserve space It can take up to 72 hours to refresh the room reservation website, so give it some time after you change the Reservers for it to update

When you’re ready to reserve, head over to http://reserveucredu and login If it doesn’t allow you to login, double check your Reservers, or make sure you have waited long enough for it to refresh If it’s been longer than 72 hours, you’ll need to contact the scheduling office either by stopping by HUB 353 or giving them a call at (951)827-3215

” Once you login, it’s pretty simple You’ll say that you want to reserve a room, enter a time and date, how many people you expect, and you can filter where on-campus you’d like the event to be, or you could leave it open, so it’ll show you all your options Some notes: You must reserve at least 7 days in advance And generally academic classroom spaces are closed during week 1 and 2 of each quarter, so that they can adjust classes if they need to, so don’t be shocked if those weeks are specifically hectic Once you manage to find a room or space that looks good, you just hit the plus symbol and you’ll have that day and time set aside

You can then change the day and time you’re searching for and you can add more reservations This way, you can reserve rooms for the entire quarter all at once Super easy Luckily, most rooms are free of cost if you select the option that says “Set Up As-Is,” which means your group will take the room exactly as it is If you pick to have your room set up for you, it may charge you for that setup

Also, any sort of media or technology that you want to use will cost you, so think of those things when you’re budgeting for the year There are a few spaces that cost to use, such as the Barn, the gym at the Rec Center, and the University Theatre near Olmstead Most HUB and academic rooms are free for you to use Also available on this website is all of the outdoor locations, so if you wanted events at the Belltower, this is where you’d reserve it Let’s talk about costs

If you decide to order media or technology or request that the room be set up a specific way That will cost And in order for the HUB to charge you, you either must have an active account with ASUCR that they can pull money from, or you must have an Employer-Identification Number and an off-campus bank account

We have an entire video dedicated to opening an off-campus account, and how to get that number, and the link is in the description Remember that one of these two methods will be required to accrue charges when reserving space on-campus Now, that brings us to some special circumstances that we might need to talk about when planning your event When you reserve the space, you’ll fill out a detailed description of what you’re up to When you are filling out your reservation, provide as much information as possible

If they have questions, Highlander Events Scheduling will email you with questions If you don’t respond, they might drop you from the room and give it to someone else, so make sure that you’re answering their questions So in this description, you’ll have the option to check buttons like “Yes, I’ll have food" or “Yes, I''ll drive into campus” We’re going to walk you through some of these unique circumstances Let’s talk about giving away food or selling food

If you’re providing food for people in your organization ONLY, so maybe this is a general meeting or something, you don’t need to do anything special But as soon as you’re giving out food or selling food to the public or people not involved with your organization, you then need to go through a few additional steps This includes pre-packaged candy and water bottles If it’s happening in a room you’ve reserved, you need to make sure to indicate that in your reservation If you want to sell or give out food at the Belltower, you must reserve a blue tent and give out the food that way

After you have a reservation, you need to go through a quick process through an office called Environmental Health and Safety, or EH&S for short There’s two things to do here The first is that a certain number of people in your organization need to be trained on food preparation To serve cold or pre-packaged food, you need to have two members trained To serve hot food, you need at least three members trained

These are minimum numbers, but it’s always better to have more of your members trained Now, how do you do the training? First, you’ll go to ehsucredu and look for the button that says Training on the left side Under Online Training, you’ll see Food Training

The video is only 26 minutes and the training is good for multiple years Once someone completes the training, they’re now eligible to apply for a food permit While the training is good for years, the permit is only good for one day So you would apply for permits every time you have an event with food going to people NOT involved in your organization These permits are free

On this form, you’ll specify what you’re preparing, where you’re buying it, and other info Once it’s approved, EH&S will email you a permit to print out So that’s it! Easy right? So let's talk about needing to get insurance If your group is doing something that could be considered risky, the university might ask you for additional information to get insurance to cover your event Luckily, this is a quick process

All registered student groups have access to insurance, it’s just a quick online form you fill out with all your event details If your event is occurring on-campus, the insurance is paid for by the University of California Office of the President If your event is happening off-campus, you might be asked to pay for insurance coverage, so consider how often your events happen off-campus and make sure to include that in your budgeting for the year On the screen, you’ll see information for our Risk Management department and they can help you troubleshoot ways to lower the risk at your events and they can help you navigate registering for insurance One thing that might come up is driving onto campus

There is a check-box when you reserve the space and the Highlander Events Scheduling office will let you know the process to do that Some things to consider All cars that come onto campus must have a valid parking permit and there are certain hours that you can’t drive in, such as during the busiest times of the day Again, Scheduling will give you all these details once you check the box that says you’ll need to drive into campus Some of your events may require amplified sound

That’s defined as any sound that’s coming from a speaker, so it also includes laptops or mini speakers that are playing sound Amplified sound is only allowed at nights and during the 12-1 hour We can’t have a concert happening at 3 in the afternoon right outside of the library Make sense? Well, when you write your description, you’ll include that you may play music or have a microphone, and the Scheduling office will ask you to fill out a Sound Exemption form, which is to make sure we don’t have multiple events with sound going on at the same time Occasionally, your organization will want to bring a speaker to your events

This could be someone who speaks at your meetings regularly or it could be a one-time thing Anyone that’s NOT associated with the university, so not a staff, student, or faculty member, has to sign a form similar to the Policy Compliance Form’s “Hold Harmless Agreement” section By signing this form, your speaker is agreeing that whatever they are talking about, the university isn’t condoning or approving It’s possible to put multiple dates on one form, so if your advisor is speaking on a weekly basis, just tell Scheduling and they’ll batch the dates together for you If the speaker is a staff, student, or faculty here, they don’t need to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement

The last bit about reservations is about event planning and how to use space in Housing facilities You may want to do an event in one of the residence halls or in a space controlled by Housing You can’t reserve these spaces through Highlander Events Scheduling You also can’t just show up and use the space There’s two ways you CAN use the space

The first is to contact the department called Conference Services to reserve and rent the space This will cost money however, so if you go this route there will be fees The other way to use the space is to contact a professional staff member within Residence Life and do the event in collaboration with that staff member This doesn’t mean you can just ask your friend who’s an RA and they can give you permission This means you’re working WITH Residence Life to collaborate, market, and implement the event together

So, that covers when to reserve a room, how to reserve a room, and then some of those unique circumstances you might need to think about

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